Todd Phillips Film Script Collection: Screenplays Download

Below are all the screenplays written by documentary, film, and TV producer, director, writer, and occasional actor, Todd Phillips that are available online. If you find any of his missing screenplays please leave the link in the comment section.

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In the video below, director Todd Phillips takes us through the opening scene of “Joker.” He explains how the necessity of an unsettling dynamic tension throughout the film was the driving force that dictated his artistic decisions.

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The Joker (2019)

Screenplay by Todd Phillips and Scott Silver – Read the screenplay!

The Hangover III (2013)

Screenplay by Todd Phillips  – Read the screenplay!

School for Scoundrels (2006)

Screenplay by Todd Phillips  – Read the screenplay!

Old School (2003)

Screenplay by Todd Phillips, Court Crandall, and Scot Armstrong – Read the screenplay!

Road Trip (2000)

Screenplay by Todd Phillips – Read the screenplay!

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