Screenplay Download: The Top Ten Science Fiction Screenplays

Screenplay Download: The Top Ten Science Fiction Screenplays

The Sci-Fi genre has been practiced since the silent film A Trip to the Moon in 1902.  Since then, filmmakers have created worlds we’ve never seen before and challenged us to think outside the box and look to the skies.

Here are the Top Ten Sci-Fi Screenplays in no particular order. Do you think we’re missing a script?  Let us know by providing the link in the comment section.

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John August, (Aladdin, Big Fish)

Jim Uhls (Fight Club)

Daniel Knauf (HBO Showrunner)


Screenplay by James Cameron  – Read the script!


Screenplay by Zak Penn and Ernest Cline – Read the script!


Screenplay by Travis Beacham – Read the script!


Screenplay by Scott Frank – Read the script!


Screenplay by Ed Solomon- Read the script!


Screenplay by Larry & Andy Wachowski – Read the script!


Screenplay by Drew Goddard – Read the script!


Screenplay by David Koepp – Read the script!


Screenplay by Christopher Nolan and Jonathan Nolan and Kip Thorne  – Read the script!


Screenplay by Christopher Nolan – Read the script!

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