Free Courses

Free Courses

Learn from Top working screenwriting and film industry professionals.

It's time to take your screenwriting to the next level.

Every month we release free masterclasses and workshops from our Bulletproof Screenwriting instructors who go deep into the screenwriting and filmmaking process.

On-Going Free Workshops and Courses

Join our latest classes and explore a part of the screenwriting and filmmaking process. Classes are free to attend and air for a limited time.


Screenwriting Masterclass

with David Goyer, Nia Vadarious, Paul Haggis & Callie Khouri


How to Direct Action on a Budget Series

with Gil Bettman



Film Distribution Crash Course

with Alex Ferrari

In this crash course film distribution expert Alex Ferrari shows you the top 5 distribution agreements and pitfalls to avoid, what a standard deal looks like, gross vs net profits, distribution expenses, windowing strategies and how to increase leverage with a distributor.