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• Alex's schedule is packed for months, and he is NOT scheduling interviews outside of the IFH podcast for now.
• We DO NOT make referrals or recommendations for 1:1 services.
• We DO NOT link anyone directly to any of our guests. However, we provide detailed contact information, as provided by
the guest, on the episode show notes so our audience can reach guests directly if interested.
• Alex is NOT providing coaching or consulting services for now.
• Alex is NOT accepting offers to write, direct or produce outside projects.
• Alex and Indie Film Hustle DO NOT invest in outside projects.
• IFH DOES NOT promote crowdfunding campaigns.
• IFH is NOT accepting requests for cross-promotions with any other company.

Please do not send any unsolicited screenplays, pitches, or story ideas, as we will not read them and delete them immediately.


Bulletproof Script Coverage Support

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