BPS 069: Introducing Indie Film Hustle Academy – Premium Screenwriting Education

Well, I’ve been busy during this quarantine. I was racking my brain on how I could provide more value to the Tribe so I create the IFH Academy. The IFH Academy is the home of exclusive online courses on filmmaking, screenwriting, film distribution, cinematography, and more.

I wanted to bring you the best film education I could so I partnered with industry powerhouses like award-winning film producer Suzanne Lyons, master cinematographer Suki Medencevic, A.S.C, and screenwriting guru and best-selling author Geoffrey D. Calhoun.

Screenwriting guru and best-selling author Geoffrey D. Calhoun and I teamed up to create The Screenwriter’s Guide to Formatting.

Don’t let formatting derail your screenplay. Learn how to format your screenplay in the Hollywood Standard. The course walks you through how to properly format your screenplay in the Hollywood standard. We breakdown formatting for the feature film, 30min multi-cam/single-cam television show, documentary, split-screen, scriptments, and the one-hour television drama.

Geoffery and I are working on more screenwriting courses cover structure, development, dialog, characters, and more.

Click here to access The Screenwriter’s Guide to Formatting

If you are a budding filmmaker/producer and want to learn how to produce a low-budget film then Suzanne’s Lyons course The Complete Indie Film Producing Workshop is for you.

Award-winning film producer Suzanne Lyons is about to take you from script to screen and beyond in this Mastermind workshop. After producing a number of bigger budget features Suzanne thought producing the SAG ultra-low and modified budget films would be a piece of cake. Boy, was she wrong.

Wearing 100 different hats was a challenge and she learned so much. And now she will be sharing all that great info with you. This workshop is unique in that it will literally guide you through the entire process of making your film. For special pricing click here.

You can sign up for a FREE 3 Part Video Training on Low Budget Film Producing so you can get a taste for the course.

Check out Suki’s game-changing cinematography course Light and Face – The Art of Cinematography

This workshop will walk you through how to light the most important and emotional subject you could put in front of your lens, the enigmatic face on a low budget. This workshop is unique in that it will literally guide you through the entire process of making your film. Taught by award-winning cinematographer Suki Medencevic A.S.C.

Along with these great instructors I’ll be creating exclusive courses as well. After getting bombarded with requests to create this course I finally took action to bring it to you, the Tribe. My first course out of the gate with be: Film Distribution Blueprint

This course will be the course I wish I had when I was trying to sell my first film. It will cover how to protect yourself from predatory film distributors and aggregators, what to look for in a distribution agreement, VOD Myths, film deliverables, working with sales agents and producers reps, film markets, and much more.

If you sign up now you can get early access and special pricing. Click here

As you can see I’ve been busy. I plan to create a Filmtrepreneur Masterclass as well as many more exclusive courses for IFH Academy. So if you are quarantined at home right now, and let’s face it you probably are, there is no better time to start adding tools to your toolbox.

I truly hope these courses can help you on your filmmaking or screenwriting path. I have big plans for IFH Academy. New courses, world-class instructors, and much more. Take a look around the site and let me know what you think.

Be well and stay safe out there. As always keep that hustle going and keep that dream alive. I’ll talk to you soon.

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Alex Ferrari 0:00
Now I wanted to put this episode together it's a quick episode because I wanted to announce what I have been working on for the past month or so. As you know, this quarantine has gotten me locked in. And that's a dangerous place for me to be because I just have ideas and things I want to do for the tribe and to be of more service to you guys. I launched bulletproof screenwriting.tv About a month and a half ago. So that's an entire brand new website that I launched. And now I would like to announce officially that we are launching i f h academy or indie film hustle Academy, and at the indie film hustle Academy, you will have top and world class education for film and screenwriting. I am partnering with some of the biggest and best instructors and thought leaders in the filmmaking and screenwriting space. And I wanted to bring something to the tribe that was next level to take their filmmaking or screenwriting journey to that next place to really be of service to the community. And I think we've been able to do that with ifH Academy. Now ifH Academy will be releasing high end courses, very premium courses, and we are launching with some amazing ones that I like to share with you. Now first up, of course is Suzanne Lyons complete indie film producing workshop. If you haven't taken this workshop before, this course is in sane it completely covers everything you need to know about producing a low budget feature film, from soup to nuts. Suzanne has been a guest on the show many times before. And she has over a dozen independent feature films that she has put out there that have been profitable. And she goes through her entire process on how she produces her feature films from optioning a screenplay all the way to final deliverables, and I even make a cameo talking about film deliverables. The next course, I'm going to talk to you about I'm extremely excited for its light and face the art of cinematography. And it is taught by Sukima des KOVITCH, a sc. He's been on the show before he is a world class cinematographer with insane credits under his belt. He's been working in the industry for over 25 years, and he is truly a master of cinematography. A member of the American Society of cinematographers he has taught at USC film school and the New York Film Academy. And he wanted to create a course that would teach filmmakers how to light a scene with the very bare minimum from an open light bulb to Christmas lights to an iPad flashlights all the way to Kino flows. For now lights, China lamps, everything but he teaches you how to craft the lighthouse To shape the light, it is an amazing course I've been, I've lit a couple of I've lit a bunch of stuff in my day. But obviously I'm in no where the same caliber as Suki is. And when I watched the course, I learned so much I was so excited. It's unlike anything else in the world right now. And he takes you from a bare bulb, one light bulb all the way to how to create, like a Blade Runner style look, or film noir or romantic comedy, or fantasy or action, he kind of goes through every step, but he takes you through the journey step by step, by the end of the course, you will understand so much more about cinematography, even if you're not going to light yourself, you'll at least understand it more and be able to have better conversations with your cinematographer. Now that course specifically, I am launching today and you have until May 23 To be an early adopter of that course, if you buy the course, between now and May 23, which is about two weeks, you'll be able to gain access to this course at the introductory early adopter price. Now that price will never ever, ever come back. This is the cheapest This course will ever be. And it will never come back to that course No, no other deals, no other anything, it will not come back at that price again. So if you want it, this is the time to take action. Now if you're a screenwriter, we've got you covered as well. We have the screenwriters guide to formatting. I teamed up with Jeffrey Calhoun from the scripts Summit, and the writer of a guide for every screenwriter, the best selling book. And we designed this course to teach you the not only basics of screenplay formatting, but all the nuances all the insider tips and tricks that the industry expects or wants to see but it's not really spoken about too much out there in the world. And I learned a bunch about formatting about what what is what is acceptable nowadays, what's not acceptable nowadays, it is kind of an ever changing BCS, the basics of screenplay formatting stays the same. But a lot of other things, a lot of things that were popular are not popular now. So this is a really great course to get you started and Geoffrion are working on a lot of other mini courses for the screenwriters Guide regarding development regarding ideas, structure, plot, dialogue character, how to sell how to pitch. All of this is coming to ifH Academy in the coming months. And I also included two other courses the definitive Super 16 millimeter filmmaking workshop, and the complete cinema camera lens primer, which is taught by Egon Stefan Jr, a veteran cinematographer. And if you want to know about cinema lenses, that course is for you without question, it goes over two hours, breaking down cinema lenses, breaking down super 16 lenses, as well as rigs, and everything in between and really gives you a great primer to lenses. And of course that other one the definitive Super 16 millimeter filmmaking workshop if you're interested in shooting Super 16 This is the workshop for you. It is a best selling workshop and the only one of its kind in the world. And finally, my biggest and most exciting course, after many, many years of people asking me to do this, I finally sat down and started to work on this. It's called film distribution confidential. After all, the buckle with distributor and everything I was granted real inside information in regards to how the world of distribution works. And I've been studying it for the past year. And I wanted to put together a resource something that will help filmmakers through the path of traditional distribution of working with a traditional distributor sales agents, producers reps, and really understand what distributors can do for you in the positive and in the negative. I'll be going over how to avoid predatory film distributors, film aggregators, the pros and cons, what to look for in distribution agreements, VOD myths, film deliverables, working with sales agents, theatrical releases for walling day and date releases, event unlimited exhibition theatrical releases cross collateralization self releasing on amazon prime in today's world, you know, insurance marketing caps, and so, so much more. I'm going to be filling this course with anything and everything you would need to know to partner with a film distributor and how to maximize your film release through that revenue channel. And if you want to sign up to get first an early access to that course it is all on I FH academy.com I hope you guys are excited about ifH Academy I definitely am. I've been working extremely hard developing it and trying to, again be as much of service to the tribe as I possibly can. I hope this education I hope ifH Academy will help you guys on your path. People who have started taking these courses, who have been I've been quietly releasing it or little bit by little bit to some early adopters. People are absolutely going crazy really love the courses like Suzanne's courses, and Sue keys course. People are extremely, extremely excited about this as I am. So thank you guys for listening. If you want to get access to anything, just head over to if h academy.com. Or you can check over at the show notes. Check out the trailer for ZooKeys new course. And links to everything else at the show notes at Indie film hustle.com Ford slash 387. And this is a no a special episode and early episode. But you're going to get a full blown episode tomorrow, which I will have Suki Milkovich on the show talking about cinematography, talking about the do's and don'ts, what the world is like today for film production in this Corona 19 world that we live in how Hollywood is going to look, post Coronavirus, how he's dealing with this new format that quibi is creating, which is high end multi format capture systems. We're going to talk about all of that stuff. And I'm excited to bring it to you guys. So thank you for listening guys. I hope you guys are doing well in the quarantine. We will get through this. Hopefully ifH Academy will give you some great tools to put in your toolbox while you're waiting and preparing to get back out there and start following that filmmaking or screenwriting dream. Thank you guys again for listening. As always keep on writing no matter what. Stay safe, and I'll talk to you soon.

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