BPS 026: IFHTV – The World’s 1st Streaming Service for Screenwriters

The wait is over! This is what I’ve been working on for months. May I introduce you to IFHTV (Indie Film Hustle TV), the world’s first streaming service dedicated to screenwriters, filmmakers, creatives and content creators.

IFHTV is the natural evolution of Bulletproof Screenwriting. My mission is to help as many screenwriters on their writing path. I hope to grow the platform into a Netflix-style place for people to learn and be inspired. IFHTV has over 2000 videos and growing more every day.

IFHTV on-demand streaming content will cover:

  • Screenwriting Courses
  • Screenwriting Workshops/Seminars
  • Screenwriting Feature Films
  • Screenwriting Documentaries
  • Screenwriting Series
  • Documentary Filmmaking
  • Social Media and Marketing
  • Film History
  • Exclusive Interviews
  • Exclusive IFHTV Original Content and Shows
  • Inspirational Films as well

It will be accessible on over 1000 devices including iOS devices, Android devices, Macs, PCs, streaming media boxes such as Roku, Apple TV, Chromecast, and Nexus Player.

Take a listen to this episode to get all the low down on what I’m doing with IFHTV, including screenwriting content, films, and documentaries we’ll be launch with. Thanks for your support and I really hope you love IFHTV as much as I do.

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Alex Ferrari 0:00
Welcome to the bulletproof screenplay podcast episode number 26. All things come to those who wait. Mary Curie broadcasting from a dark windowless room in Hollywood when we really should be working on that next draft. It's the bulletproof screenplay podcast showing you the craft and business of screenwriting while teaching you how to make your screenplay bulletproof. And here's your host, Alex Ferrari.

Welcome to a special episode of The Bulletproof screenplay podcast. I am your humble host, Alex Ferrari. Now today's show is sponsored by bulletproof script coverage. Now, unlike other script coverage services, bulletproof script coverage actually focuses on the kind of project you are in the goals of the project you are. So we actually break it down by three categories micro budget, indie film, market and studio film. There's no reason to get coverage from a reader that used to reading tentpole movies when your movies going to be done for $100,000. And we want you to focus on that at bulletproof script coverage. Our readers have worked with Marvel Studios, CAA, WM E, NBC, HBO, Disney, Scott, free Warner Brothers, the blacklist and many, many more. So if you need your screenplay, or TV script covered by professional readers, head on over to cover my screenplay.com. So guys, today on the show, I have exciting news about the thing that I've been working on for months. It is called if h TV indie film hustle TV. And I wanted to thank you guys for your patience, because you guys have been hounding me on email and through messages on what the hell I've been working on. And this is one of the three big things I've been working on. But this is all by far one of the biggest of the three. Now you might be asking yourself, so what the hell is ifH? TV Alex? Isn't that like your YouTube channel or something? It is not. I've always wanted to have a place where filmmakers could kind of go learn, be inspired, learn how to be be an artist, be a successful artists learn business, learn marketing, watch, and geek out on movies, about the business all sorts of things like that. And I've never found a place like that. But so I decided to create the world's first streaming service dedicated to filmmakers, screenwriters, and content creators. Imagine a Netflix for the indie film, hustle and bulletproof screenplay tribes. And that's what you have with ifH. TV. I've been working feverishly trying to build an entire streaming platform with my team for months now and has not been easy. We've been not only creating new content for that platform, but a lot of you might think Well isn't this kind of like what you were doing with Master circle with your membership site and like, it is nothing like what we were doing with our membership site. And I'm going to talk about the master circle in a minute. But a lot of the content that is on the master circle will be included on ifH. TV, and there was a slight bit difference. I went out and started licensing shows features documentaries series, all dedicated to the craft of filmmaking, screenwriting and content creating. So just on screenwriting alone, we have probably a few 100, videos, lessons, things like that. But the categories that we have so far and it's still continuing to grow our screenwriting, cinematography, documentary filmmaking directing series, feature films that are about the film industry about acting about screenwriting about storytelling, film production, post production, my entire interview series that I do from Sundance film distribution, of course, we'll have a few shorts with all of how you did it, how we did it, archive of the podcast, social media marketing, a content creator section where there'll be movies, just dedicated to content creators, crowdfunding pre production, Film History acting, and one of my favorite carousels in the entire platform, inspirational which will be movies that will hopefully inspire you to be better artists, better human beings that will hopefully translate into you making better art for people. So let's go over what we're going to be launching with category by category so you guys can have a little taste of what we're going to be bringing you in ifH TV. In the cinematography world, we're going to have a documentary called light and shadow which is amazing. The legendary Kodak cinematography master class, the entire set, I was able to license which we'll go over How they lit Dances with Wolves Dead Poets Society, how you shoot for drama for fantasy for black and white for location lighting and for even studio lighting as well all taught by ASC DPS legends in the world of cinematography. We also partnered up with Zacuto films, and all of their insane content dedicated to cinematography cameras in deep interviews with ASC cinematographers and series as well. Now, for all you screenwriters out there, you are going to be in for a treat because I have a treasure trove of just amazing content that's going to be on ifH. TV. Just at the launch. We have the entire the dialogue show which interviews some of the biggest screenwriters in Hollywood there'll be eventually, four or five seasons of it in total, like 27 episodes of an hour, hour and a half each talking with screenwriters like Jim Uhls, friend of the show, writer fightclub David Goyer, the writer of The Dark Knight Paul Haggis, the Academy Award winning direct writer and director of crash as well as the writer of Million Dollar Baby and Casino Royale just to name a few. Jonathan Hyde sly, who is the writer of Armageddon, the rock, all of those Jerry Bruckheimer his big event films and a ton more guys. We also have interviews with Joe Osterhaus, the legendary writer of Basic Instinct, as well as the art of screenwriting and adaptation taught by Eric Roth, Robert Jacobs and Phil Alan Robinson. We have a whole series by the legendary Linda Seeger in regards to the craft of screenwriting. We also have an amazing documentary called dreams on spec, which follows screenwriters who are trying to make it in the business while being while interviewing some of the biggest screenwriters in Hollywood. We have the science of storytelling from Akuto, and a TON TON more. On the directing side, we have directors life behind the camera, which interviews, I mean, we have about four and a half hours of interviews with Martin Scorsese, James Cameron, Steven Spielberg, every big director of the current age in this series, which I bought years ago. And now we have the license to show you now, we also have a whole series on how to make money as a filmmaker, film school or no film school, how to run a successful production company, and a ton more stuff in that area as well. And one thing that's going to be really unique is we're going to have documentaries about the filmmaking process, the screenwriting process, as well as content creation. And not only documentaries, but actually Narrative Feature films that are all about the business. You know, I wanted a place where a film geek go and just immerse themselves in filmmaking in screenwriting and storytelling, I would have killed for stuff like this, I was hunting for stuff like this on laser discs, and on DVDs back in the day and on VHS back in the day, even looking for these behind the scenes of how to get in. And I have large plans for the platform. And I really am going after some big big fish, if you will, to get more and more content in addition to original content from ifH. TV, which will be my films, my courses that I'm going to be creating and when creating a lot more of those courses coming up, because we ever now just built out an entire studio dedicated to creating brand new content for ifH. TV. So get ready to see a ton more stuff coming out from indie film, hustle. And of course, for those who of you who have not seen it, this is Meg will finally be available on ifH. TV. And we will have commentary tracks, not only for myself, but we're also going to get the cast when you get Gil to come in. We're going to do some behind the scenes of how we made it. We're going to talk about a lot of that stuff. And eventually on the corner of ego and desire. We'll also be making a debut here on ifH. TV so you guys can watch it here as well. And of course, how we made it and all sorts of other stuff that we're doing. Oh, and by the way, this is going to be just like Netflix in the way that we will be available on Apple TV, on Roku, on Fire TV, on a Google Apps on the I in the iPhone App Store, as well as for your iPad, your mobile devices and of course online in the website. And of course ifH TV will be world wide. It will be available in any and every country that has access to the app store to the Android store all of those areas, as well as like I said the other platform but it will be available internationally. Now I know there's a lot of you out there who are part of the master circle and would like to know what's going to happen to the master circle. And what I wanted to do is create a better experience for you guys. So everybody who is in ifH, his master circle membership site will get a special offer for ifH. TV, which I will be emailing you guys all directly and individually in the coming weeks. So don't worry, because you guys were part of the membership site, you will be getting a beautiful deal on ifH. TV, I promise you that. Now as far as the future of the master circle, we will not be supporting it anymore, because I'm going to be putting all my energy into ifH TV, which I think will be better for everybody involved. We're taking this up a notch guys, we are definitely pushing the hustle hard on this new platform. And honestly, I think this is just an evolution of what I've been doing with indie film, hustle, and just trying to create more content and try to reach more and more people with what I'm doing here at Indie film hustle. And I think this is just a natural extension of it. And I think it's the future of where we're going to go as a platform. But don't worry, podcasts are still coming, all the content that you can expect that from indie film also will still keep coming as well. This is just going to be an extension of the world. So you will also be able to download apps for all of this. So you will have access to indie film, hustle content, not just ifH. TV, but you'll have direct links to the podcast, and the blog, easily on an app that you can download for free on the App Store. So I know what you guys are thinking right now you're thinking, oh my god, this is just so much amazing content, we have probably over six to 800, I think almost closing in on 1000 pieces of video content on the platform. And it will be growing and growing more every month. But I wanted to create not only this entire platform, but I wanted it to be affordable for filmmakers to make it so much value so much content, that there could not be any arguments about it. So we are going to launch November 1, and the price will be 1099 for 90 days. And I'm going to be extremely strict with the 90 day rule. At the end of January, it will go up to 1399. So I give you guys all plenty of time to jump in early. And if you come in at 1099, you will stay up 1099 You are grandfathered in for as long as you stay on the platform. And you will also have options to get a year pass, which will give you a free month of content. So you'll be paying for 11 months as opposed to 12 and getting a full year. So I will release the URL for this new platform in a few weeks. We're still building it out, we're still finishing it up, uploading content, getting things ready for you guys. I'm so excited. I can't even tell you how excited I am. To launch this. This is probably the biggest thing I've done with indie film hustle since I launched indie film, hustle, I am so so excited to be bringing you guys this insane platform that I really am building straight from the heart. And I want this to be of an immense amount of value to you guys on your journey and be a continuing value on your journey. So as we grow as a platform, you keep learning, you keep growing as well. And honestly, guys, I couldn't do this without you without the tribe. Without all of these amazing messages I get and all these stories I hear of what the work I'm doing, at ifH is doing and helping you guys on your journeys, as storytellers as filmmakers, as screenwriters. You inspire me every day to do what I do. And I am so grateful and humbled and honored to be able to continue being of service on your path. And thank you so much for your support guys all these years. We're only about three years old, a little bit over three years old at Indie film, hustle, and this is a huge step. And I really hope that you guys love it and support it. Because the more you guys support it, the more amazing content I can get for you guys, the more of you guys sign up, the more movies I'll be able to get the more original content I'll be able to create the more exclusive shows and filmmaking stuff and I'm going to be going back into the depths of Hollywood and trying to make deals with some of the studios to get some of their amazing libraries of documentaries feature films, classics on about filmmaking and films and just all sorts of cool stuff guys, I just I'm so excited. I am so so so excited. About this, and I really hope you guys are as excited as I am. So November 1 is when it will launch. And trust me, you will hear about it. So thank you guys for listening. Thank you for all your support. And don't forget, there are still two big announcements coming. Just huge announcements coming this is probably the the thing that's taken me the most time to do. But the other two announcements are game changers for you guys as well. So stay tuned for those that's coming in the next few weeks as well.

I love it, man. I love it. I love you guys. And thank you so much for everything. And as always keep on writing no matter what. I'll talk to you soon.

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