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Do you want to turn your indie film into a profitable business? In my new book I breakdown how to actually make money with your film projects. If you are making a feature film, series or any video content, The Filmtrepreneur Method will set you up for success.

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Jamison Leigh

Alex Ferrari is proving time and time again that he is the best friend that Indie filmmakers could ever ask for. His latest book, Rise of the Filmtrepreneur, gives it straight to filmmakers just what they’re in for when they create any type of work. It builds a steady case throughout the book that you really have to think like business people.

If you wanna create a sustainable income, Ferrari gives you the blueprint to make that work. Warning: there are many many knowledge bombs that are dropped in this book, and you will need to read this again and refer back to it again as you go on your journey.

M. Bachochin

I have been producing and directing in the independent film space for almost ten years now. Through that time, you see a lot of the disturbing scams, cons and myths that pop up in the industry. One of the biggest is what Alex spends 90% of this book teaches you: how to make money in our current industry making the films YOU want to make.

I cannot emphasize how great of a read and how important this handbook guide will be for the future of filmmakers moving forward. Alex is completely correct when he says in this book that the Filmtrepeneur Method is, in fact, one of the only successful ways to make money in the current independent space (outside of the Lottery Ticket winners).

Dave F.

As always, Alex is a cornucopia of helpful advice. And more importantly, it's real-world advice. This ain't theory, folks -- this is how to get stuff done! His aim is for you to make a living in the film world, and he gives examples of how to do it. And he does it in his direct way with the knowledge that's hard-won.

If you want another book on theory with vague hints, this ain't the book for you. But if you want the perspective of someone who has been down the indie filmmaking road, someone who's been in the trenches, and knows real filmmaking in the 21st century, this is it.

Alberto Moreira

This book will go over in practical, timely, steps in how to monetize your film in this current and changing environment. Alex talks to you straight forward; he has the experience of being a filmmaker himself and in the business for over 20 years.

He has seen the changes, illustrates success stories for his readers, and is generous to the hustling filmmakers working to make a living in the business. This book is for filmmakers looking to make their films profitable and for the filmmaker willing to work. Buy it, you will not be disappointed.

Jacob J. Buterbaugh

This book is excellent! It helped me understand the marketing and distribution of an indie film in the 21st Century. If you desire to turn your filmmaking into a career in the 21st Century, Alex Ferrari will point you in the right direction.

S. Torres

Start to finish this book was an amazing read, also picked up the Audiobook for good measure. Very happy to see that Alex Ferrari narrated it himself which makes total sense considering he hosts the podcast. Aside from what's in the book itself, there are a few moments in the Audiobook where Alex throws in a bit more info, so bonus!

Speaking of bonus, there are links to outside bonus material throughout the book to get a fuller experience while going through the book. I'm assuming this is due to the overwhelming amount of information that couldn't be included because who wants to read a bible length book lol. Well done Alex!

Matt S

What surprised me was how densely packed the information was. Usually, I’ll read a chapter of another book (or a whole book) and be able to extract only one or two significant nuggets. RotF is packed with them - and there’s enough story to give a good amount of context without waffling on.

I would consider it essential reading to those trying to make it as Indie filmmakers. The industry is changing so dramatically and we need to be aware of the realities of the business and have some strategies in place to weather the storms. RotF is a damn good resource to help us with that.



For anyone interested in how this shift is taking place, Mr. Ferrari has taken the time to do the research for you. This is not a book with which you will learn how to replicate his own exceptional hustle, but reading this will give you a broader understanding of what's at stake when you decide to follow the old Hollywood dream.

People all over the world are succeeding with creating video content, and if you want to know with the future of feature filmmaking is pick this up. It's ahead of its time but maybe proven seminal in years to come.

Amazon Customer

Alex Ferrari has done it again. For years, he has shared his experience and insight through his Indie Film Hustle platforms. Rise of the Filmtrepreneur brings together these knowledge bombs sprinkled with case-studies from both successful and unsuccessful projects.

These lessons from real-life projects are far more valuable than any film school. If you are planning an indie film project, Rise of the Filmtrepreneur is a must-read.

Anthony D. Paul

Alex Ferrari’s ‘Rise of the Filmtrepreneur’ is a must-have book for any independent filmmaker. This book is gold! Alex breaks it down in a no-nonsense way. Filmmakers these days have to treat filmmaking as a business.

His 214 pages cover everything from crowdsourcing, the ripoffs of some distributors and how to find your niche audience. Getting into Sundance is nice, but Alex shows you how you can succeed and thrive without getting into a big film festival. If you want to succeed in being a Filmtrepreneur, buy this book!

Audible Customer


This book is a must-read for anyone contemplating producing a movie of any budget, length or genre.
It will quite literally save you so much pain, time and money and protect you from yourself.

So many great ideas throughout the book, not only for selling your film, but creating wealth from other income streams.
Overall, highly informative, slightly repetitive ( But that's Alex trying to drive home a bloody good point !! )

I cannot stress more, than saying to anyone reading this review, Don't hesitate in buying this book. The savings in knowledge gained from this book will pay for this book 100x over.

J. Snyder

I love this guy's energy and passion for sharing knowledge. The audible book is like listening to a master class. It gathers all the information from the podcasts and gives the reader that condensed knowledge.

The book also builds and reveals some things that you wouldn't be able to require through the podcasts alone. My metaphor, the podcast is the car but this audible book is the engine that tells us how the car works.